Our Services

At Polucon Service (K) Ltd ,Our Quality & Pollution control laboratory is particullarly famous for its water testing services. Water Tetsing is important to fullfill regulatory requirements as well as to maintain safety.We offer our clients with reliable parameters for test which can assist them understand the quality of their water and improve if necessary.

Some of the scope covered in water analysis include but are not limited to; total hardness, calcium, alkalinity, total dissolved solids, conductivity, pH and microbial contamination. Not only does pskl analyse water, but it understands it and through this skill, we can be able to advice our clients on best and coast effective methods for pretreatment prior to consumption.

In this area we serve and we are also not limited to

    • Hotels
    • Water packing companies
    • Juice companies
    • Hospitals
    • Manufacturing Entities
    • Government
    • Private Residences

Comprehensive and Accurate soil analysis is vital for understanding your soil. A detailed analysis will form the basis for specific properties and composition of the soil. We at Polucon have the capability to test a wide range of parameters according to your needs through our experienced analysts. Our environmental laboratory is NEMA accredited, our laboratories are equipped for environmental soil sampling and analysis for soil contamination e.g. petroleum hydrocarbons, pesticides and heavy metals. In addition, we also test agricultural soils for soil fertility.

Polucon Services offers world class Vehicle Inspection and Verification Services. If your fleet of cars is on transit or is to be transported to another country we are the people you contact,we will inspect your Vehicle on arrival at the port or just before being loaded on the ship.We offer standard vehicle and motor inspection services on behalf of our clients to show Proof of Compliance with the agreed specifications as specified on export or import contracts.

Polucon Services has a state of the art petroleum laboratory situated at Nyali, the laboratory has a testing capacity ranging from petrochemical to petroleum products. Testing is done as per the latest internationally recognised testing methods such as ASTM and IP methods. Reliability of our laboratory test results supported by validation process and PT participation makes us stand alone in the petroleum quality and safety check. The inspection division also offered competitive, qualitative and quantitative services to our esteemed clients. 

Our pest control department consists of professionally trained personnel, committed to implementing an integrated pest control management system of pest control. We are geared at ensuring top rated, safe and environmental friendly pest control services to the public and private sectors. Our pest control services are sound to the relevant safety, quality and environmental guidelines.

The pest control department is licensed by the pest control products board as well as the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS). In addition, we work closely with NEMA to ensure that our services are sound and environment friendly. Our Health and Safety policies ensure paramount safety for both our esteemed customers and operation personnel. Reason we rated among top 100 service providers in the country, and your solution to any pest management situation.

Our Services and Scope is and not limited to the following:

Fumigation and Spraying Services for the following:

  • Vessel Fumigation and Spraying
  • Wagon Fumigation and Spraying
  • Truck Fumigation and Spraying
  • Container Fumigation(Empty and Stuffed Container fumigation) and Spraying
  • Mill/Warehouse fumigation and Spraying
  • Rub hole/Wiik Hole Fumigation and Spraying
  • Silo Fumigation and Spraying
  • Rail/Car Fumigation and Sprating
  • Stack/Tap Fumigation and Spraying
  • Degassing and Fumigation Monitoring

Polucon Services Kenya Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008 certified verification, examination and testing company operating all over Africa and network patners worldwide.

Polucon has its own ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Internationally Accredited Laboratory and an ISO 17020 inspection and verification department.It is on this sthrenght that Polucon derives the technical capacity to perform verification ,testing and analysis of counterfeits and substandard goods in view of fighting ilicit trade.


Polucon acts as an expert witness for the IP owners incase of a court process and identification of counterfeits through testing and verification.We work with IP owners to understand specification and general technical features of their genuine products and therefore set strategies to fight the vice.

Effluent – These are liquid wastes or sewages discharged into the environment. These wastes have adverse effects to the aquatic bodies and environment at large. Therefore there is a need for testing of the effluent to check its quality and ensure proper precautions are taken to ensure that it meets EMCA (Environmental Management and Coordination Act) guidelines in the interest of Environment Protection.

Polucon services through our team of environmental experts offers comprehensive test services as per specific parameters as defined by NEMA.

Do you know the amounts of emissions from your company?
Do you know the levels of pollutants you inhale in your work stations? Are they of acceptable levels?
We at Polucon Services have the capacity to conduct air quality assessment tests for both factories / industries as well determining the indoor air quality & the ambient air quality
It is very important to know the levels of air pollutants around you as we enhance safety in the processes of industrialization geared towards the vision 2030.

Polucon Services have the most qualified personnel to carry out air quality assessments aimed at providing various solutions to curb the excessive pollution and advising occupants / industries accordingly. We enjoy a state of art machinery applied during such assessments.