Orange Pharma Ltd is one of the few upcoming pharmaceutical companies based in Nairobi, Kenya. Having incorporated in the year 2011, our company started fully functioning from August 2012 onward. For any nation to have a healthy people there needs to be quality of medicines available in place. Our contribution adds up towards the healthier lives of people in Kenya and surrounding countries with quality and affordability. Our efforts are in place to create a healthy living through the creation of pharmaceuticals. We believe in “healthy nation is wealthy nation” principle. We as a company take pride to promote success and happiness in giving our esteemed customers with quality products. Our company is committed in delivering the world-class pharmaceutical products and services through its vendors and employees. Orange pharma is aware of its customer’s demands and needs so it continues to serve its stakeholders in providing top quality goods and services. Our product allows our customers to emulous in not local market but also in other East African regions. We are in reach to our customers by hand to hand delivery or through our retailers. In constantly changing environment our company is dedicated to serve its customers in providing uninterrupted supplies of pharmaceutical products services making it most desirable and reliable products in the market. We wish to partner with NGO or other Non profitable or also charitable organisation in serving them locally where importing medical products from respective home countries becomes cumbersome. Orange Pharma Ltd is located approximately 15 Km from the heart of the city centre, in Babadogo Industrial Area, Nairobi, Kenya.

Our Services

These are absorbent winged sanitary towels and panty liners that have been made with the finest and most safe materials and are made to provide the modern woman with comfort, dryness and security. They are available in:
1. Sonacare Plus Pink
2. Sonacare Ultra Blue
3. Sonacare Nights
4. Sonacare Compact
5. Sonacare Panty Liners Blue
6. Sonacare Panty Liners Pink

We at Orange  Pharma Ltd. care for both the young and the elderly. That is why we have Shuggy range of diapers that are made of synthetic disposable material and have a superabsorbent gel that absorbs wetness and keep bith babay and adult dry.
They are available in:
1. Shuggy Baby Diapers - a) High Count; Maxi and Midi.
                                      b) Low Count; Junior, Maxi, Midi and Mini.
2. Shuggy Adult Diapers - Extra Large, Large and Medium.

Dragon have a wide range of energy saving, LED and rechargeable bulbs that in the long run will save you some shillings and help the environment. These energy saving bulbs last 10 times longer than standard incandescent bulbs and they use 80% less energy. They are good to your pocket and for the environment. They include:
1. Energy Saving Bulbs - Dragon 2U Bulbs; 13W, 15W and18W.
                                     Dragon 3U Bulb: 13W, 15W, 18W and 20W.
                                     Dragon Bulb MHS: 20W and 22W.
                                     Dragon Bulb HS: 22W and 24W.

2. LED Bulbs - Dragon LED Bulbs; 3W, 5W, 7W and 9W.

3. Rechargeable Bulbs - Dragon LED Bulb 2U; 5W and 7W.
                                    Dragon LED Bulb 3U; 7W and 9W.
                                    Dragon LED Rechargeable; 5W, 7W and 9W.


These are antiseptic paded fabric plasters that have been designed to keep your wound dressed properly in order to avoid dirt and germs from entering. They are available in:
1. Sonaplast 100's
2. Sonaplast 30's

Kenadol Cotton Wool is an extremely soft raw cotton wool that has been derived from the cotton plant and has been cleaned, combed and packaged just for you.It is available in:
1.Kenadol Cotton Wool 50gms
2. Kenadol Cotton Wool 100gms
3. Kenadol Cotton Wool 200gms
4. Kenadol Cotton Wool 400gms.

OPL products range from pens to mathematical sets. They include:
1. OPL Blue, Black and Ren Pens
2. OPL Mathematical Set