Impax business solutions

Impax Business Solutions Limited (Impax) is an information systems consultancy company based in Nairobi, Kenya with operations across Africa. We provide business solutions and consultancy services in the areas of financial & accounting systems, business process automation and mobile solutions. Our solutions aim at providing world-class business management systems and support services to solve business problems and enhance business performance in organizations. Impax was established in 2003 and has experienced tremendous growth. A relationship of excellence and trust with our clients; focused approach, continuous investment to enhance operational and delivery standards; implementation of enterprise and innovative IT solutions has enabled us to attain the leading position in the field of Business Solutions and consultancy services in this region. We have kept ourselves abreast of the changing technology, practices and business needs of organizations.

Our Services

Based on Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Technology platform, our ERP & CRM solutions offer comprehensive business management and reporting tools across a vast range of industries. From manufacturing, telecommunications, retail, non-profit, to finance & banking, our solutions are tailored and can be customized to suit requirement in various industries in the areas of financial management, trade and logistics, process management, enterprise reporting among others.

Our main product offerings include:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 (AX / CRM)
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM

 Our solutions are designed to offer a complete package for end-to-end management of retail operations. Our retail management solutions comprise of an integrated point of sale, in-store back office, and head office applications structured in an architecture that parallels the retail model. Our solutions streamline operations in the key areas of inventory control & management, pricing control & management & customer relationship management among others.

Our main product offerings include:        

  • Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS)
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 (AX for Retail)

Office 365 is a general term for many of Microsoft’s cloud software services. The basic idea is that subscriptions to these services give you access to your office 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

With this solution, you are able to sign in from a tablet or smart phone on the road, a laptop in your bedroom at home, or a desktop in your actual office at work and enjoy features such as Outlook Mail, Office Online (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, One Note etc), Yammer, SharePoint, One Drive etc.


Multiple devices, multiple locations—same access. Talk of Business Anywhere!!!

This is a localized solution that addresses the Payroll and Human Resources management requirements. This modular system can be sold and implemented as a stand-alone solution or as part of the Dynamics ERP solutions.

This solution covers Employee, Training, Recruitment, Leave, Self Service, Disciplinary, Performance and Payroll Management.

Our solutions combine a number of innovative technologies to provide a holistic solution in the areas of automated fixed assets audit and verification, linen management among others.

We offer solutions in two key problem areas namely:

  1. Automated fixed assets management
  2. Linen Management

Impax provides automated fixed assets management solutions using bar coding and RFID technologies. Our fixed assets management solution is built on software from industry leading software houses such as RAM Plc (UK), AssetWare Technologies (UK) and Hardcat Plc Limited.

Our strategic alliance with the above mentioned companies gives us flexibility in provision of tailor-made solutions to meet the requirements for fast, accurate and human error-free asset management.

Our services for fixed asset management include Physical Verification, Fixed Assets Tagging, Fixed Assets Data Capture, and Reconciliation with the Existing Asset Register & Valuation for organizations that need this service.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Property Management is a competitive software product since it keeps pace with the leading accounting systems whereas it has property management features as its edge. Dynamics GP property management gives you a comprehensive solution to manage all of your real estate business functions not limited to accounting, lease administration, billing, and reporting.

It offers solutions for every real estate market, with extensive Success in meeting the complex requirements for retail (shopping malls and strip malls), franchises, commercial and real estate investment trusts. 

Impax Business Solutions provides complete hardware management services, from purchase to installation, support to life cycle management, and everything in between. Zebra is one of our partners for the provision of hardware. Zebra is a global leader in mobile data management, printing and services with innovative customer solutions based on wireless local area networking for voice and data, application-specific mobile computing and bar code data capture.